Private lessons for adults and children from all levels.

We provide private lessons for adults and children over five years old. During our studies, we focus on our students’ language level, knowledge and requirements. 

One-to-one lessons are available.

Private sessions offer intense individual assistance and focus on the student’s personal requirements.

Group study sessions up to 6 students.

Group sessions can be beneficial with the use of a team-based approach and for being cost-effective for each student.

Based in Liverpool.

Lessons take place at the locations that are convenient for both the student and the tutor, such as the student’s house, library and coffee shop. 


About Lessons

How we help

Our tutoring sessions focus on helping students to grasp the concepts they need to know to understand, and to recognise the language. We offer lessons under different topics, depending on the level of each student’s knowledge.

The content and format of lessons depend on the student’s requirements, such as their occupation, proficiency and objectives. Whether students’ level is beginner, elementary or intermediate, the key areas covered in all language lessons will include:

  • Spoken fluency
  • Listening skills
  • Pronunciation and accent
  • Reading skills
  • Social or business communication

Students are encouraged to come prepared with questions and items to discuss, and also ask questions throughout the week in between sessions via email and messaging.

Learning Outcomes

Through the lessons, our students build strengths and abilities, such as:

  • Improving language skills to read, speak and understand the language
  • Proving goodwill and facilitating international communication at both personal and organisational level.
  • Strengthening relationships with Turkish-speaking colleagues and clients
  • Developing skills and knowledge in Business English
  • Speaking, reading and understanding the language with confidence
  • Interacting confidently in Turkish/English
  • Gaining knowledge about the Turkish language and culture


Turkish Lessons


Beginner Lessons

The beginner lessons are for the absolute beginners in Turkish, covering the basic knowledge of reading, listening, speaking and writing skills.

Upon receiving a certain amount of lessons, the students will be able to:

  • Understand short, simple messages and announcements,
  • Read short, simple texts and find specific information,
  • Communicate in simple, routine situations,
  • Write simple notes, messages and short personal letters.


Elementary Lessons

The elementary lessons aim to consolidate the basis of Turkish grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation with coverage of more complex structures and vocabulary, emphasis on spoken communication, listening, and reading comprehension.

Students who complete this stage will be able to:

  • Use the three basic tenses (past tense, present continuous and future) adequately,
  • Converse in everyday conversations easily,
  • Ask and answer simple questions.


Intermediate Lessons

The intermediate lessons provide students with more in-depth knowledge about the Turkish language and culture. In group lessons, students are encouraged to interact with each other using Turkish, practising the structure and vocabulary that they have learnt.

After completing a certain amount of lessons, students are expected to:

  • Converse fluently in everyday conversations,
  • Use some complex phrases,
  • Ask and answer some complex questions.


English Lessons


General English

General English lessons help students to develop their English language skills for everyday life.

The lessons focus on conversation, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing skills. The lessons are designed to suit students’ specific needs and interests so that they can get the maximum benefit from each session. We provide our students with individual attention which they would not receive in larger classes at language schools.

Our General English lessons are supported by homework and other useful learning materials.


Academic English

We help our students to improve their English in preparation for professional exams and certificates, such as IELTS, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE, TOEFL and BEC exams.

Proofreading and editing services are also available for undergraduate (BA/BSc) and postgraduate (MA/MSc/PhD) students who write essays, dissertations and thesis.

We also help students to practice discussion and presentation skills for tutorials and seminars, writing skills for essays, and listening skills for lectures.


Business English

We help our professional students, who require assistance to communicate more effectively at work, to develop practical business language skills, such as having discussions and meetings, giving presentations, writing business emails, and improving pronunciation.

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Melisim Tutoring is the right choice for:


Individuals with any background

Who wish to learn Turkish as a foreign language or in need of Turkish tutoring


Students from primary to university level

Who wish to increase their knowledge and communication skills in Turkish


Children and teenagers

Who require additional support with their English lessons at school


Turkish families

Who want to increase knowledge and level of Turkish or English language for their children or themselves




Private Lessons

Minimum 2 hours per session. 

One-to-one lessons £18/hour
Group of 2 students £16/hour per person
Group of 3 students £14/hour per person
Group of 4 students £12/hour per person
Group of 5 students £10/hour per person
Group of 6 students £8/hour per person


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We will focus on your requirements and prepare a course plan, specially tailored to your needs. Contact us today to book your first lesson.


Monday - Friday: 9am to 7pm
Saturday: 10am to 4pm


Lessons take place in students' family home, libraries or coffee shops in  Liverpool.